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The Bobath approach to the management of children with cerebral palsy was pioneered and developed by Dr Karel and Mrs Berta Bobath. Begun in the 1940’s the Bobath Concept is now well known and accepted in many countries as one of the leading approaches

The main aim of treatment is to encourage and increase the child’s ability to move and function in as normal a way as possible. More normal movements cannot be obtained if the child stays in a few positions and moves in a limited or disordered way. The aim of management is to help the child to change his abnormal postures and movements so that he or she is able to comfortably adapt to the environment and develop a better quality of functional skills.

change is possible

Each child’s postural (muscle) tone is changeable, not only in relation to activity and moods, but also in response to being handled. The first stage towards achieving functional activity is to enable the child with spasticity to be less stiff and the child with athetosis to gain some control over their posture and movement. Therapists can help parents to understand their child’s needs. They are shown the most appropriate ways or positioning in helping their child to move and to incorporate these into the child’s daily life.

Helping the Child to Progress
Thinking for Himself
Eating and Drinking